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The mission of Brightscape Investments Center is to advise every client as though they are the Company’s only clients. To make Brightscape Investment Centers the home of the everyday investor and make sure that every client's portfolios will help them reach their desired goals and wants for years to come. Most of all though the mission is to make sure that every client feels like they have a friend looking out for their best financial interest and not someone who is just in it for the "commission".
The focus of the Company will always be on the client. They will first help the client clearly define their goals and then will develop a financial program to put them on a glide path toward achieving their goals. Developing the financial plan for the client usually will involve the following steps:
Assessing their goals
Assessing their investment risk
Assessing the adequacy of their insurance
Evaluating their current portfolio in light of their goals
Designing an alternative portfolio
Documenting guidelines through which their account will be managed via an investment plan and policy statement
Following up with the client at least once or twice a month with an update on the progress toward achieving their goals.

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